2023 Conference: Speakers & Topics

"Developing Psychological Wellness Programs in the Fire Service."--Atlanta Fire Rescue Chief Rodrick "Rod" Smith and Dr. Carla Sutton Moore.

"Developing a Behavioral Health Access Program for firefighters and their families."--Ms. Brandy Carlson-Moore

"Give Me 5: The Domains of Fire Service Psychology.--presented by Battalion Chief (Ret.) Robert Avsec and Dr. Anne Bisek.

"Fire Service Mental Health and Wellness in a Small, Rural State: Filling Gaps and Overcoming Barriers"--with Dr. Nicole Sawyer and Ms. Sue Brown.

"Saving Ourselves…a Systems Approach"--with Battalion Chief (Ret.) James Peal

"The Unique Stressors of Fire Prevention Personnel"--Fire Marshal Vince Anderson, Redlands (Calif.) Fire Department

"Origin and Development of the Peer Support Program in the Cincinnati Fire Department"--with Dr. Erica Birkley and FF/PM Joseph Elliott

"Using the A.M.E.S. (Assemble, Measure, Execute, Systematic Use) organizational health assessment to assess public safety provider behavioral health."--Mr. Michael Anthony Schlenk

"Understanding What Motivates Firefighters to Work and Challenges to that Motivation"--with Ms. Gustė Gramaglia who traveled from Lithuania to Atlanta!

"The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Firefighters"--with Dr. Abby Morris

"An Overview of "Trauma Risk Management (TRiM)"--by Dr. Kristin Wheldon, founder and president of FSPA

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