Risk-Free Cancellation Policy

We look forward to gathering with you in Atlanta, Georgia, this October. However, we understand that situations change; therefore, FSPA will offer a 100% refund on your FSPA 2023 in-person registration and any applicable in-person CE session fees at any time between now and September 1, 2023.

This policy will only apply to your FSPA 2023 in-person registration and in-person CE session fees and does not apply to any other reservations related to the convention, such as virtual registration fees, hotel accommodations, transportation, meeting room requests, and/or CE Workshops.

We hope this 2023 policy allows you to move forward and make your plans to join us in Atlanta, Georgia.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my in-person registration?

You can cancel your registration using the form below or by emailing info@firepsychology.org (please include the registration ID from your confirmation email). FSPA will process all cancellations within receipt of your notice and respond with a final confirmation.

Can I cancel only my in-person CE session fee?

No. The cancellation must be applied to both the in-person registration fee and any applicable in-person CE session fee.

Can I cancel my virtual registration?

No. The no-risk cancellation policy only applies to in-person registration and in-person CE session fees.

Can I change my in-person registration to a virtual registration?

Yes. To switch registration types, please select that option in the form below or note it in your email request to info@firepsychology.org. The currently published virtual attendee rate and applicable CE session fees will be deducted from your refund.

If I just sent in my registration, will it be processed, and will my card be charged?

Registrations are processed automatically at the time of submission. FSPA will require you to complete a cancellation request, which will be processed in accordance with the policy.

When will I get a refund?

Refunds for payments made by credit card will be processed immediately; however, it may take up to 30 days for your bank provider to reflect the credited amount in your account statement. Refunds for other payment types will be issued by the FSPA Accounts Receivable department as soon as invoices are finalized.

Will canceling my FSPA 2023 in-person registration also cancel my hotel reservations?

No. When you complete your request to cancel your registration, it will not impact your hotel reservations. Hotel reservations are governed under the terms and conditions of each hotel at the time of your booking; therefore, you will need to contact the hotel or use the appropriate hotel-specific cancellation procedures from your hotel reservation confirmation emails to cancel.

What else can I do to protect myself when making airline and hotel reservations?

Registrants are advised against making nonrefundable travel arrangements. Should you purchase nonrefundable airline tickets or make nonrefundable hotel reservations, you do so at your own risk.

What if I cancel my registration and then change my mind?

Unfortunately, you cannot reinstate your original registration after you cancel it. You would need to start a new registration at the current published attendee rate for that time and provide new payment.

What happens if FSPA cancels the event?

FSPA reserves the right to cancel, alter, or reschedule the convention for any reason, including because FSPA determines in its sole discretion that the convention cannot be held as planned. FSPA also reserves the right to close registration when tickets are sold out or if local mandates impose restrictions.

Should FSPA cancel the convention for any reason, your convention fees will be refunded.

For questions or concerns, who can I contact?

Please forward your questions or concerns to info@firepsychology.org .