Nominating Criteria for FSPA Psychologist of the Year

The Fire Service Psychology Association (FSPA) recognizes outstanding contributions by psychologists who work closely with the fire service. The following criteria for nominating a psychologist for FSPA’s Psychologist of the Year Award should be used in the context of the five domains of psychology: assessment, intervention, industrial/organizational, operations, and consultation.

  1. Impact: The psychologist should have made a significant impact in the field of fire service psychology. This could include research, advocacy, or practical applications that benefit firefighters and their mental health.
  2. Service: Demonstrated outstanding service to the fire service community. This might involve providing training, counseling, or other forms of support to firefighters and their families.
  3. Scholarly Contributions: Contributions to the field through peer-reviewed scholarly work, publications, or presentations. These contributions should advance our understanding of firefighter mental health and well-being (e.g., assessments normed on firefighters, industrial/organizational psychology articles, labor/management communications, the impact of staffing).
  4. Education: Efforts to educate both psychologists and fire service leaders. Bridging the gap between professional psychology and the fire service is a key goal, so nominees should actively engage in educational activities.
  5. Practice: Excellence in psychological practice related to one or more of the following domains of psychology: assessment, intervention, industrial/organizational psychology, operations, or consultation.
    The FSPA aims to create a collaborative environment where psychologists and fire service leaders work together to “build a bridge between professional psychology and the fire service” to better address mental health challenges faced by firefighters. FSPA’s annual conference provides a platform for learning, sharing knowledge, and fostering understanding between these two fields. If you’re passionate about this intersection, consider participating in their events and contributing to this important cause.