Understanding Fire Service Culture CE Course






(8 Hours of Credit)

Participants will read through sections of course content (online) and take a corresponding test to ensure mastery of the material. They will be awarded credit based on a passing criterion of at least 75%.

The online courses are based on the live course content. The learning objectives reflect concepts pulled from a review of the literature on the psychology of firefighters. The Understanding Fire Service Culture course provides a broad overview of the fire service and its psychological components. This has been successfully delivered in eight hours. The home study model covers the same material. All other courses will follow the same method for determining the appropriate length of the course.

  1. Identify cultural components to the fire service including performance standards, jargon, shift work, and barriers to treatment.
  2. Describe the complexities of firefighting and emergency service including trauma exposure,
  3. Identify unique challenges to interpersonal relationships.
  4. Explain organizational demands inherent in the firefighting profession based on paramilitary organization.
  5. Explain current trends in peer support and psychological services offered to fire departments as well as barriers to treatment.


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